The lesson

He hated it when someone did not get into the right turn lane when they were supposed to. Those drivers always thought they could just pull in front of some other driver and that driver would just yield. He had seen it happen a thousand times and it really, really irked him. Well, today the driver in the silver gray Infinity was going to learn a lesson. That was the fun part, unfortunately the driver of the Infinity would not realize that they had learned a lesson! That was the bad part. Anyway, the driver of the Infinity was going to pay and pay big.
He, was Joe Jones. He drove a rather unobtrusive red Saturn with a very special extra. That extra was the result of a simple experiment involving lasers and high frequency waves. Joe was fooling around transmitting music over a laser when he decided to see what would happen if he kicked up the frequency of the sound he was transmitting. That was when he accidentally aimed the laser at his computer as he was trying to align the laser with the receiver. To make a long story short the computer was fried. The high frequency waves had fried the memory chips.
It was a little while longer when Joe put two and two together. Maybe if he aimed the laser at a car the high frequency waves could knock out the cars computer. And that would, if nothing else make the car run poorly if not at all. The problem was how to get to the computer, which was securely and discretely hidden under the hood. But, being an electronic component it required a ground and that would be the chassis. And you did not have to be a rocket scientist to know that the exhaust system was connected to the chassis somewhere.
A simple test would solve the problem. Aim the laser at the exhaust pipe of a car that was running and see what happened. Deciding upon a victim would be easy. Joe despised his neighbor, a big burly guy with no manners and an attitude. Joe waited on Saturday morning for the neighbor to start his Chevy Cavalier. Joe was sitting in the basement of his duplex with the window open just enough to aim the laser. He aimed and fired. The Cavalier sputtered and stopped. The neighbor tried to get that little four cylinder engine started for so long that he ran the battery dead. That was the first attempt with the laser. Since that time Joe had mounted the laser inside his engine compartment on a platform that allowed him to move the laser up and down and left and right through the grill Aiming was a pain, but you could see the little red dot on the target so it wasn't entirely happenstance. The hard part was trying to hit a moving target, but even that wasn't impossible. In fact it was kind of fun because you could hold the laser on and swing it left or right. As long as the beam hit the exhaust pipe the frequency would be transmitted to the car.
Joe watched the silver gray Infinity and sure enough at the last minute the driver put on his turn signal, right in front of Joe!!

It was not a very auspicious start for the day. The alarm had awoken him but he really needed another hour's sleep. Then there was not enough sugar for his coffee and finally this traffic. He had been making good progress playing his normal game of passing on the right or pulling right on someone's rear bumper to intimidate them, so they would move to another lane. Now to get this jerk in the red Saturn to give him a few feet and he would just edge in. They always did, afraid that they would cause an accident and then it would be their fault. Oh well, it wasn't his problem. He had been driving this way for years and it worked most of the time, in fact there had only been one time he couldn't pull it off but the car behind was in such a panic he had been able to scoot into that spot. So, he had only lost one car length, no big deal.
As the Infinity edged over, Joe braked just enough to make it look good for the Infinities driver. This was also causing the Infinity to slow down, which gave Joe time to adjust the laser. He already had the correct height, so when the Infinity pulled in it would only take a second to hold the laser on as he swept it past the exhaust pipe. A move he had perfected months before.
The Infinity pulled in and no sooner was it running parallel to the traffic when the engine started to die. The Infinity driver cursed briefly and stomped on the accelerator. Nothing happened. The car was losing speed rapidly and he had to get out of traffic. He made a quick glance in the left side mirror and pulled off onto the left apron. The car coasted to a stop.
As he was cursing his luck the red Saturn passed and it looked like the driver was blowing him a kiss !