Now, there is a term that conjures up all kinds of thoughts, not the least of which would be our old friend Albert. But that is not the direction that I would like to pursue, not that I wish to take anything away from Al, just that I really think it would have been better for me at least, if he had chosen a different title for his theories like maybe comparativity, or something !!

The point of this short introduction being that the idea of relativity has much more meaning when applied to the feild of Biology than to Physics (sorry Al). Let me illustrate simply by using the idea of gravity,a term very dear to the Physicist and one which Mr. Einstein spent a lot of time explaining. Now, I am not going to even try to explain what gravity is (because honestly I don't think anyone can without getting into space-time continuums) but I will say that it is a very important concept when applied to living things.

Some more Biorelativity:

1. The Relativity of Life

2. As Applied to Species